This site was founded by C. Keith Hansley:


Keith Hansley is a graduate of Clemson University, where he studied history and philosophy. From a young age, Keith has had a fascination with the abundance of bizarre and intriguing events, people and beliefs found in the pages of history. As a writer, researcher and general history enthusiast, his goal is to bring history out of dusty textbooks and into a more accessible and enjoyable medium.

Our content is divided into several categories navigable via the menu. The Home Page shows off a little bit of everything that the website has to offer. In the Article section, you can find our lengthiest written pieces. The Did You Know? category features short stories of individual tales or curiosities that can be found in history, presented in a bite-sized fashion. Our Biography section is very similar to the Article category, but, of course, the biographies are focused on a single individual person. Quote Pictures feature quotations placed on top of relevant images, and we pride ourselves on giving specific source information for each quote. As for the History Pictures section, it is a gallery of various artworks, and we describe the events or people from history that are featured in the art.