The Cursed Duchy of Spoleto in 824


At the start of 824, Suppo I was the Duke of Spoleto, a position he had held for two years. Suppo, however, fell ill and died in 824, leaving his position vacant. Amazingly, Suppo would not be the last Duke of Spoleto to die of illness in 824.

According to the Royal Frankish Annals, the duchy first passed to Adalhard the Younger. He got off to a great start, ruling for around five months, but he eventually died of a fever and Spoleto, once again, needed another duke. After Adalhard’s death, Mauring became the new duke. This duke, however, had an even shorter reign than his predecessor. Mauring was already ill when he received his title and he died only after a few days of being duke. After commenting on the death of Mauring, the Royal Frankish Annals neglected to mention his successor. From other sources, however, the successor might be identified as Duke Adelchis I. Reminiscent of the saying, ‘third time’s a charm,’ Adelchis, unlike his predecessors, had a long reign.

Written by C. Keith Hansley.

Picture Attribution: (Painting of 9th century Franks, by Albert Kretschmer c. 1882, [Public Domain] via Creative Commons).


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