The Misadventures Of Julius Caesar’s Hipster Henchman – Publius Clodius Pulcher

On a fateful night in 62 BCE, women of the highest caliber in Rome met together for an evening of festivities in the palace of the Pontifex Maximus. One man named Publius Clodius Pulcher snuck into the sacred women-only festival, and the scandal that erupted because of his actions led him into the employ of Julius Caesar. This is the story of his bizarre misadventures.

The images used to represent Clodius and T. Annius Milo in this video are not actual images of these two men, just ancient Egyptian coffin portraits used as models.

All images and clippings used in this video are licensed as Public Domain in the Creative Commons.

The intro music was written and performed by C. Keith Hansley for use on this YouTube channel.

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