Snorri Sturlusson / Sibyl Prophecy

The Sibyl’s Prophecy quoted by Snorri Sturluson (c. 1179-1241)

“Brothers will fight,
bringing death to each other.
Sons of sisters
will split their kin bonds.
Hard times for men,
rampant depravity,
age of axes, age of swords,
shields split,
wind age, wolf age,
until the world falls into ruin.”

  • From The Sibyl’s Prophecy (stanza 44-45) quoted in The Prose Edda (Gylfaginning, chapter 51) by Snorri Sturluson (c. 1179-1241), translated by Jesse Byock (Penguin Classics, 2005). The Sibyl’s Prophecy, also called The Seeress’s Prophecy, was also included in the 13th-century Poetic Edda, which was produced anonymously in Iceland.


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